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 Animal Rescue & K9 Charities (ARK Charities), Inc is a faith based, independent boutique organization dedicated to Animal Welfare. Created to Rescue Animals in need and assist the people that love and need them.

 Ark charities is composed of 3 Programs in one Organization.


Redemption rescue is the rescue program Ark charities has aquired. Its mission is to rescue animals from shelters, where Every year millions of animals are euthanized across the country. We are committed to rescuing, and rehabilitating, German Shepherds and other dogs. We find them safe and loving forever homes

Ark Angels Assistance Animals

 The ARK Angel Assistance program, is designed to identify rescue dogs that can be trained to  assist our Military Veterans and children with disabilities in a varieties of ways as needed.

In this program we have the K9 Comforters program designed to comfort those with Terminal Illnesses

Faith Fund